covid-19 and your taxes


Dear Clients and Friends:

Given the COVID-19 outbreak throughout the United States and the uncertainty that comes with it, I want to take this moment to explain my business continuity plan going forward.

I intend to continue to provide my clients with uninterrupted service. I will continue to offer telephone consultations, meeting existing deadlines, and providing prompt responses to your questions.

I am maintaining my ongoing interactions with the IRS. The overwhelming majority of that activity is done over the phone and through electronic means so I anticipate no fall off in the ability to continue that practice.

Federal Tax Return Filing and Payment Deadline is now July 15, 2020. I am monitoring individual State deadlines and will update you accordingly.

Today, Congress is hashing out a Coronavirus Stimulus Bill. I will provide updates as the situation warrants. I am watching this hour by hour.

As we move through this crisis one day at a time, I am here to help you turn your fear into faith and offer you some normalcy during this challenging time.

I look forward to speaking with you – be safe & stay healthy!

Patricia Gentile