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    Get tax relief from a registered tax attorney.

    Tax Resolution Services

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    New England Tax Relief® has years of experience helping people and businesses deal with the IRS. My efficient and effective tax strategies can help you with wage garnishments, delinquent tax returns, bankruptcy, and more.

    IRS Liens & Levies

    If you are under threat or currently experiencing IRS lien and levy collection actions, please contact me immediately! There are several possible options to stop or release such actions. My analysis will attempt to qualify you based on your financial information and additional facts and circumstances.

    Federal tax lien: A legal claim against all your current and future property, such as a house or car, and rights to property, such as wages and bank accounts.

    Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL): A public notice to creditors. It notifies them that there is a federal tax lien that attaches to all your current and future property and rights to property.

    Levy: A legal seizure of property or rights to property to satisfy a tax debt. When property is seized (“levied”), it will be sold to help pay your tax debt. If wages or bank accounts are seized, the money will be applied to your tax debt.

    Revocation or Denial of Passport

    If you have seriously delinquent tax debt, IRC § 7345 authorizes the IRS to certify that debt to the State Department for action. The State Department generally will not issue a passport to you after receiving certification from the IRS.

    Upon receiving certification, the State Department shall deny your passport application and/or may revoke your current passport. If your passport application is denied or your passport revoked and you are overseas, the State Department may issue you a limited validity passport good only for direct return to the United States.

    Seriously delinquent tax debt is an individual’s unpaid, legally enforceable federal tax debt totalling more than $53,000 (including interest and penalties) for which a:

    • Notice of federal tax lien has been filed and all administrative remedies under IRC § 6320 have lapsed or been exhausted or
    • Levy has been issued

    IRS Non-Filed Tax Returns

    If you do not file a return the IRS will file a SFR (Substitute For Return). However, this return is based only on information the IRS has from sources other than you. Therefore, it will not include any additional deductions or expenses you may be entitled to and may overstate your true tax liability. Once the tax is assessed the IRS will start the collection process.

    I will review all your tax documentation for the complete and accurate preparation of your income tax return. If information is not available, I will provide the guidance necessary to reconstruct such information. I will analyze and discuss your options to adjust the IRS SFR tax assessment.

    IRS Audits

    An audit is a review or examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts and financial information to ensure information is reported correctly according to the tax laws and to verify the reported amount of tax is correct.

    I review all notices & correspondences, supporting documentation, bookkeeping records, and copies of the tax filed tax return(s). It is important that I see everything before the auditor does. This way I can access the strengths and weaknesses of the case and formulate a plan of action and strategy before the audit begins. Sometimes I am retained in the middle of an audit and am able to minimize any damage by performing this pre-audit.

    IRS Offer in Compromise

    An IRS Offer in Compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than what you owe. It may be a good option if you cannot pay the full amount or by doing so would create a financial hardship.

    There are (3) different Offer in Compromise programs – Doubt as to Collectibility; Doubt as to Liability; and Exceptional Circumstances (Effective Tax Administration).

    My analysis will attempt to qualify you for any one of these options based on your financial information and additional facts and circumstances.

    IRS Installment Agreements

    You can make monthly payments through an IRS Installment Agreement if you’re not financially able to pay your tax debt immediately.

    The IRS has Streamlined and Expanded Installment Agreements, each with required criteria to qualify for. My analysis will attempt to qualify you based on your financial information and additional facts and circumstances.

    IRS Penalty Abatement

    The IRS has several types of tax penalties too numerous to list here! However, you have a specific statutory right to have these penalties canceled under certain circumstances.

    Even better than your statutory right to cancel penalties is the best kept secret by the IRS since 2001 – an administrative waiver referred to by the IRS as the “First-Time Abate” (FTA) policy!

    I have canceled thousands of dollars in penalties and the interest calculated on these penalties. I will analyze your facts and circumstances surrounding the assessment of any tax penalty to qualify you for penalty abatement or claim for refund.

    IRS "Currently Not Collectible"

    If you owe taxes but cannot enter into an Installment Agreement or Offer in Compromise, you may qualify for “Currently Not Collectible”. This is the process where the IRS freezes all collection activity in order to give you time to get back on your feet financially. If granted, all enforcement collection actions, such as wage, bank & property levies must stop.

    My analysis will attempt to qualify you based on your financial information and additional facts and circumstances.

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    New England Tax Relief® has years of experience helping people and businesses deal with the IRS. My efficient and effective tax strategies can help you with wage garnishments, delinquent tax returns, bankruptcy, and more.


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    My husband and I found ourselves in debt to the IRS for $167,000. It seemed like we would never be able to get out of this situation. I had contacted a company that said they would help. After I paid them about $6000 I found out that they took my money and ran. At this point I was out of time with the IRS. I was desperate and searched for a local tax attorney and found Patricia. When I contacted Patricia she took the time to explain how the IRS works and what options we had to resolve the debt. Once I signed with Patricia the process began. She worked with me to gather all of our information to present to get a resolution. It took just about one year for Patricia to work with the IRS agents on our case but in the end she was able to get out tax debt reduced to $36,000. This was 22 cents on the dollar from what we owed. We HIGHLY recommend Patricia Gentile. She never once judged us for the situation we were in. She wanted to resolve the issue and she did that.

    Susan R.

    Liability Compromised: $159,845
    Offer Amount Accepted: $36,149

    My name is Theresa, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patricia for a little over a year now.

    When we had our first meet, Patricia was a pleasantly warm and caring person. She asked how I was, and I knew she was really listening. We talked about my situation, and Patricia reassured me with confidence that we’d be able to come out of my case with very good results. I never felt so relieved to know I can finally have someone on my side giving me the right advice to get through my financial issues. I knew she cared about what I was going through, and wanted to help. Patricia is a person with a lot experience and expertise in her field. This of course gave me a great sense of relief.

    As the months rolled on, I was always anxious to know if she heard anything in my case. Before I knew it, I received a call or email from her. I was always put to ease right after we talked. I can’t express enough to let you know that Patricia is someone anybody can count on, and feel good about her getting
    the best results for you.

    Thank you so much Patricia, you were my rock through all this.

    Theresa M.

    Injured Spouse Allocation to Ex-Spouse: $352,858
    Liability Compromised: $64,038
    Offer Amount Accepted: $4,000

    Patricia’s clients say it best.

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